Solar Panels - An amazing way to use Solar Energy

Solar Panels, generally comprising of arrays of Photovoltaic Cells, use the solar energy directly from the Sun to generate electricity for our daily use. Being environment friendly in nature, they collect the solar energy which is available in abundance on our planet and convert it using the advanced technology developed by human beings. This invention of humans has led to a great achievement in world’s history of conserving non-renewable resources and saving the planet as well as the natural resources from depletion. This concept is already famous in countries like Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America etc. and is becoming very popular in the Indian market as well. Even used solar panels are being used in these countries so that the installation solar panels cost reduces further and it is easy for the people to generate green energy. A large number of factories in the global markets are now using solar panels for their daily electricity usage.

There was a time in India when there weren’t a lot of vehicles around and the most used form of energy was the non renewable energy. In today’s day and age, this has rapidly changed and now the roads are full of vehicles of all sizes and the non renewable resources of energy are depleting at a very fast pace. With the increase in the consumption of electricity, due to the increase in the population, it is advisable to go for renewable sources of energy like energy generated from wind and sun rather than to go with the resources which are already scarce and at the verge of extension. People have gradually realized the worth of solar panels and are also being encouraged by the government to opt for solar panel based systems, setting up solar power plant for big industries and using other products such as Photovoltaic Modules, Silicon Solar Cells, Silicon Wafers, Solar Lanterns, street and home lighting systems and Solar Water Heater etc. The use of solar energy has already made a mark in our lives and there is much more to come very soon. The solar panel India market is growing at quite a good rate and in coming years, we will see a lot of products being used worldwide. Not only in solar panels India market but there are a lot of places in the world where solar energy is being used by people not for their daily needs like water heating, cells and lights but also for their living. Solar energy homes are being created worldwide which do not require electricity at all and are very much environment friendly at the same time. The only use sun’s energy for their daily maintenance and usage.

Urge to find a new source of energy has given birth to a very new source – Sugar cane. Yes it sounds a little weird but it is true that Sugar cane is used to produce ethanol which is in high demand these days. Brazil is the highest consumer of Ethanol, also countries like USA has mandatory to mix ethanol with the petrol for all of their vehicles.

People have also started understanding these valuable points and have accepted the usage and advantages of using renewable energy. This is the main reason why we are seeing a lot of industries and homes moving on to the usage of electricity generated through sun rays. Previously getting access top renewable energy was not easy and was costly source. The main reason behind high solar panels cost is the use of legacy technology and high cost of research. But over the period of time, advancement in technology and awareness in people has led to a steep downfall in equipments used for renewable energy. Also developed countries like USA and China were successful in producing low cost tools & equipments which are easily available in the host country. Changes in climate temperature and ever increasing oil prices has made extremely difficult for a common man to survive. The only option available is renewable energy, be it urban or rural areas, renewable energy is the best solution. The fact that usage of renewable energy has increased tremendously over the years is visible from the usage figures collected by authorities across the world.

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Certainly, solar panels are the future of the world. Very soon we will see the world moving on solar energy. Read more on Solar Panels Blog

A very less know fact about why government is pushing for renewable energy is to reduce their carbon footprints on the globe. There has been a huge pressure by world organization on both developed and developing countries to reduce their carbon foot prints. Carbon foot prints are calculated based on Koyoto Protocol. Carbon credits are given by government to companies who make efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The amount of carbon emitted to the environment is reflected in company’s balance sheet as a liability. To reduce this liability amount, companies can buy carbon credits. The whole commercialization of carbon emission is a very effective approach to make our environment clean and green. These credits are traded on Energy Exchanges, which means using renewable energy is not costly, and at the same time one can make money out of it.